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Determine Your Pipeline Expansion Requirements

The following information and form will help calculate the expansion requriements for a defined pipeline.

Expansion Coefficient Table

MaterialCoefficient (inch/inch/degree F)
Ductile Iron0.0000062
Cast Iron0.0000058

The Change in Length (ΔL) due to thermal contraction/expansion is given by:

ΔL = L (ΔT)(C)

Where:L=lengh of pipe (inches)
 ΔT=change in tempaerature (degrees F)
 C=coefficient of thermal expansion
Expansion Calculator

Length of Pipe: Change in Temperature: Pipeline Material:

1000 Foot Bridge; 6 inch Ductile Iron Pipe; 120 F Total Temperature Change
(1000)(12in/ft)(120 F)(0.0000062in/in/F) = 8.93 in (Nearly 9 inches)

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