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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

Product Spotlight

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Force Balanced EX-TEND® Expansion Joint

For Water Pipelines Subject To Hydrostatic Pressure


There are many times when designers must put a means into a pipeline to allow for expansion/contraction of a pipeline. Often times this is to allow for changes in length from differential thermal reactions (pipelines crossing bridges) or changes in length from large thermal coefficients (HDPE pipelines). Therefore, there is a need for expansion joints.

What is the good thing about expansion joints? They expand.
What is the bad thing about expansion joints? They expand.

Conventional expansion joints provide this means of allowing for differential movement with a variety of designs. One thing all of these designs have in common is that they impart a thrust force when pressurized. This thrust force must be accommodated in the design of the pipeline or there is the potential for damaging the pipeline or the structure to which it is attached.

Structural Support for and Offset with a Non-Force Balanced Expansion Joint

The new Force Balanced EX-TEND helps to simplify the process of providing a solid and reliable pipeline design.

For years EBAA Iron, Inc. has provided the EX-TEND expansion joint. The EX-TEND product is a member of the FLEX-TEND family of products that provide protection from differential movement of pipelines. Even with its improved, self-restrained, no maintenance design, the EX-TEND will impart a thrust force when pressurized like other conventional expansion joints.

In 2006 EBAA Iron, Inc. introduced the Force Balanced FLEX-TEND flexible expansion joint. This successful product has provided designers with an effective way to protect pipelines against expansion/contraction/offset stresses without the issue of imparted thrust.

EBAA Iron now provides a thrust neutral option for the expansion joint. The design allows a pipeline to expand and contract in response to changes in length but its secondary cylinder counteracts the thrust force from the primary cylinder with an equal thrust component in the opposite direction. Therefore, the imparted thrust force is eliminated.

It is still imperative to design pipelines with vertical and lateral support but this new Force-Balanced FLEX-TEND simplifies things by freeing the designer from the additional requirement of accommodating a thrust force generated at the expansion joint.

As with all EBAA products, the Force Balanced EX-TEND joint is made in the USA. The primary components are made of cast ductile iron in our Texas foundry. These ductile components are coated with fusion bonded epoxy. The EPDM gaskets are permanently lubricated and there is no need for maintenance of any kind. The units can be used above or below ground. Consult the Force Balanced EX-TEND literature for more information. You can also contact your local EBAA sales representative to get information and pricing.

Since introducing its first patented product in 1968, EBAA has continued to lead the way in innovative products for the water and wastewater industry that are engineered to save time and money. EBAA is the only manufacturer of the world famous MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint. EBAA specializes in water and waste-water pipeline joints and is 100% MADE IN THE USA.

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